Nick Williamson

About Me

Originally from the US, I currently live on the Isle of Man where I am building Credits.

I'm also available on a limited basis for consulting in the Cryptocurrency & Egaming space.


After playing poker professionally for a few years, I came to the Isle of Man to work at PokerStars.

In the (almost) four years I spent at PokerStars I managed the operations, offering, and product for Ring Games. I then left PokerStars to create Pythia, the parent company building Credits.


Credits is a greenfield, built from scratch Cryptocurrency with a brand new consensus algorithm, titled "Proof of Consensus".

The main impetus behind creating Credits is that new ideas in the Cryptocurrency world are exciting and have huge future potential, but they're often implemented in awkward and ugly ways in order to be backwards compatible with Bitcoin or other Satoshi clients.

Instead, Credits is built with extensibility in mind from the start. This extensibility is paired with the philosophy that it's better to see how these new concepts play out in the real world, then build the version 2.0 from the ground up, without any legacy cruft that is invevitably present in the first implementation.

In the spirit of existing Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies, those who hold Credits participate in the verification and confirmation of transactions. However, instead of deterministically choosing a single node to sign each block, a majority of the network (weighted by your share of Credits) must sign each block.

The main advantages of Credits are:

While the initial release of Credits will simply be a simple to use payments network, future development will bring oracles, contracts, and a feature that works similarly to how SideChains are envisioned in Bitcoin.

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Most of my open source work is available on my Github page.


More information on the Credits project can be found at

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If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email, and I'll get back to you when I'm able.


You can also try to catch me at any of the upcoming events.